Poised at the intersection of technology and design, Panol Technologies is a digital service provider crafting compelling and interactive websites that draw immediate attention to your company, keeping the purpose of your business and target audience in mind. We specialize in website designing and development, website hosting, maintenance and search engine optimization. We offer the creation of internet marketing strategies to help achieve the company’s profit goals. A website designed by us for your company communicates your image to the professional world through visual and verbal content designed to capture potential clients.
We do
In a world of constant digital innovation and change, you may find your company lagging behind in sophisticated marketing strategies that other companies have already begun to use. As a full service digital agency, we are web designers, web developers and desktop application developers. We do digital brand development, interactive marketing communication strategies. We innovate strong media campaigns using email, video, and by digital lead generation. We provide specialized advertising and marketing services for the digital space. Looking at your business from the outside, we are able to provide a fresh point of view to selling your product/service.

An interactive website would bring immediate attention to your business through carefully structured e-commerce solutions, boosting instant recognition of your product or service to a wide audience of potential customers.
Web Sites
A website built by us would be simple, powerful and be able to cross the millennial generation without boundaries. We specialize in corporate web designing, small web designing, web development and maintenance, and e-commerce web designing. In digital technology, our range is endless and covers all your requirements.

We’ll tell you more ……….
In any of the above situations, we use the best of digital systems and strategies for winning outcomes that actually deliver on your strategic objectives.We create websites that work across social media. We merge technology and marketing. We combine the creative side of marketing with the technical side of data, digital engineering and analytics. Our technical staff include creative marketers who understand your clients motives and use powerful content that will expand your business message to get tremendous coverage - which is what you expect - a targeted website that works effectively for your company.
We cannot produce bland websites or e-commerce channels. It has to be innovative, amazing and sharply result oriented for you. We recognize your customers as a new breed who use smart phones and are on social media. We reorganize your business through a modern website that can face up to the new marketing reality using our digital expertise in covering all aspects of your branding, delivering complete solutions for both pure play and omni channel retailers. We get an understanding of your customers, the market and the point of difference to give you potential gain through social and digital means.
Digital Strategy
We live in a digital age. Traditional marketing is slowly becoming obsolete. Customers are aware. They want authentic, engaging, and unified brand experiences. Everyone has their smart phones, tablets, laptops and computers that give them access to any information they could possibly want.
Panol supports clients by our hands-on familiarity with all types of on-line marketing- internet marketing and social media sites. We use a plethora of new options that allow us to build websites that capture audiences across more channels than ever. We experiment with multiple networks if necessary to give you reach to the maximum amount of customers.
We give you floating ads, expanding ads, web banner ads, pop ups, pop unders, trick banners, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing, email marketing or even affiliate marketing. Our teams would explain these techniques and strategies in detail. The key strategy - making the website measurable, you would see its progress, targeting the right customer segment, global coverage, speed, cost effectiveness.
We develop your website as a three layered client-server application with separate user interface, process logic and data administration. Since there are independent tiers, there is flexibility to change the operating system as technology advances. Your website could be everything you do on line - on-line sales and marketing, discussion boards, photo sites etc. With time improvements could be made to increase speed, flow of information across many platforms, reusing the existing software.
Web Apps
Design & UX
Your website should be accessible to a mass market of clients and should attract immediate attention in the 10 seconds it takes a client to decide whether it is worth checking into your site or not……!. When we construct multimedia design services, flash design services, graphic design, logo design, illustration services, brochure design, business card design or other integrated applications we give it professionalism coupled with vibrancy and energy. We build simple yet powerful websites that take your business into the increasingly popular, convenient online domain. Our websites are user friendly and designed for professional functionality that ensures increased traffic and greater market share through SEO technology (search engine optimization).
The Process
Consultation and planning
Much time could be wasted by rushing in without careful planning. We carry out a detailed consultation and analyze the unique elements of your business. These tasks involve research and analysis, consultation, planning, innovation, architecture, implementation and monitoring.
We take each component apart, delve into it in depth and apply the best techniques to gain maximum effect for the business.
Concept Design
Because the website concept design is a crucial element of your website success, we spend a lot of time deciding on its content, structure and display. Before a single line of code is written, we create a flat concept of the site to give you a picture of how it would look when it actually goes live. The trial concept gives you the opportunity to suggest and gives us an idea of your likes and dislikes. Clean, simple designs attract quick attention and that is what we create.
By the time the development stage begins, we have a great understanding of our client. We build the site in a private area of the internet and allow you to view all the pages, links and images just as it would be once the site is live. Content is inserted at this stage.
A thorough testing takes place to validate hyperlinks, data, test browser compatibility, even screen width and colour- factors that can change the whole appearance of your website. Automated as well as manual testing would be done.
As web designers we should be alert to ensure your graphics and text looks good under many monitor color capacities. We use the right combination of technology and graphics to create your website as a matter of art and science. It is meant to be appealing to the eye, easy on navigation, interactive and have vast depth of information.
The Launch
The launch is probably the most exciting part for us, the developers and you, the client. A lot of effort is put into carrying out an extensive list of interactions and tweaks to make sure the website is well prepared for public viewing. We deep test for interactivity, we test in a production environment as different servers could exhibit different behavior.
We use all tests and diagnostics to ensure the website is healthy. We consider the user aspect a very important aspect as we transfer the site to a live server.
It’s not over…. The solid technology platform is done, now performance is monitored over a period, fine tuning tweaks are performed through the website’s life, basically through the first year. This is a crucial time, the initial stages and first year when the success of the website has to be consolidated, not allowed to drift towards oblivion. The site would need constant updating to remain relevant, fresh and exciting.
We may be called upon to do repeat analyses periodically, advise you on ongoing promotion, technical maintenance, content maintenance, familiarizing you with site visit activity reports, providing some training and mentoring of your operators depending on how complex your website is going to be. We are committed to ongoing support as we see your success as ours.
We are an interactive design studio, formed in 2009. Our theme has been to create advanced technological solutions that remain beautiful, useful and memorable. The global village is reaching complete digitalization. The digital media has broken down all barriers of communication, slowly turning traditional methods into outdated modes. Utilitarian and data driven, innovative interface designs are always changing to face global competition, consumers are demanding and fully aware of how the market works. How do we meet our challenges – by constant innovation, exploration, playing with new technologies that sometimes result in fully fleshed pieces of work. Our broad vision, creativity, experience coupled with a deep understanding and interest in the latest technology uplifts us to enhance our clients work considerably.
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